Bob Jones University Drops Interracial Relationship Ban ..

This new interpretation of part 501(c)(3) adopted a federal district court injunction preventing the IRS from granting exempt status to personal schools in Mississippi that practiced racial discrimination in admissions. Justice POWELL misreads the Court’s opinion when he means that the Court implies that “the Internal Revenue Service is invested with authority to decide which public insurance policies are sufficiently ‘fundamental’ to require denial of tax exemptions,” submit, at 607. Justice POWELL concedes that “if any nationwide coverage is sufficiently basic to represent such an overriding limitation on the availability of tax-exempt standing beneath § 501(c)(3), it’s the coverage in opposition to racial discrimination in training.” Post, at 611. Since that coverage is sufficiently clear to warrant Justice POWELL’s concession and for him to help our discovering of longstanding Congressional acquiescence, it should be apparent that his concerns about the Court’s opinion are unfounded.

Although the ban on black students

Bob jones univ. apologizes for racist policies

Bob Jones University issued a public apology for its racist past. When I

Fourth, the government’s interest in eliminating racial discrimination outweighs a private institution’s train of its religious beliefs. Clearly, the courtroom maintained, the religious pursuits of Bob Jones University had been opposite to the pursuits and rights of the government and most of the people. Under pre-1970 IRS laws, tax exemptions had been awarded to non-public schools regardless of their racial admissions policies, and Bob Jones University was accredited for a tax exemption beneath that policy.

Bob jones university drops mixed-dating ban

background. The college, in the Appalachian foothills, has 3,500 college students. It has long established itself as a bastion of fundamentalism. The leader of the South Carolina National Association for the Advancement of Colored People stated the civil rights group welcomed the statement.


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Section 501(i) was enacted primarily in response to that call. See S.Rep. No. 1318, 94th Cong., 2nd Sess., 7-8 (1976); H.R.Rep. The Court factors out that there may be a robust nationwide policy in this country against racial discrimination.

History of bob jones university

They were the religious activists who had been supposedly being opposed by the godless; their religion made them superior to the supporters of abortion. Abortion turned the “most religious” political struggle within the United States. This conclusion did not sit properly with evangelical Rev. Jerry Falwell, who shaped the Moral Majority in 1979 in part to determine that non secular freedom ought to overcome anti-discrimination laws.

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University continued their ban on interracial courting. Now it seems that the school, under the leadership of Stephen Jones,

only were African-American college students not allowed thus far whites, but Asian and

As was noted in the oral arguments the IRS place before the Supreme Court consisted of a major premise and a minor premise. The main premise was that the IRS may use its reading of public policy to disclaim exemption. The minor premise was that the elimination of racial discrimination was such a policy. The school refused to admit any African-American college students until 1971. From 1971 to 1975, most unmarried African-American candidates had been denied admission, presumably to prevent interracial courting.